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Here’s a quick and simple solution to getting a VirtualBox VM to start on boot in MS Windows. Create a new batch script with Notepad. Enter the following code, changing to include the name of your VM. Save and close your file. Now click and drag it from where you saved it, over the Start […]

Ok, I’m sure I’ve posted this before. Perhaps a longer method? Either way, I can’t find it, and I needed this info today. In that light, thanks to Kevin’s Blog for helping me find it. Thanks to a new little tool from Microsoft, this is now incredibly easy. First, download the ImagingMaster API, which is required […]

Not twenty minutes after I had written a rather glowing review of XP 10 years on, did problems begin. Lockups, frozen inputs, and even two blue screen crashes. At first, I was furious. How could XP do this do me, after I had praised it’s “stability”? How dare it! In a less than happy mood, […]

I know I promised that the next blog would be based on the performance of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on Tecra, but unfortunately, at the moment that’s not possible. Due to school needs, I’ve had to remove the CF card, replace the 30Gb harddrive and install Windows XP, to use programs such as Word, Publisher, but […]