HOWTO: SSH Without Keys


Everytime I make a mistake, and end up wiping out my ssh keys, it always takes so long to get password free ssh up and running again, I’ve no idea why 😦

So, for my memory as much as anything else, heres the easiest way to do it. Start from scatch, and use

rm -Rv .ssh

to remove all configs.

Create a new key with

ssh-keygen -t dsa

just hitting return to bypass a password. Copy that the to the remote server using

ssh-copy-id user@server

give the password, and after that, you should be able to login without a password

Ensure the permissions are correct too, on both server and client

chmod 755 .ssh

chmod 644 authorized_keys

At the moment though, I’m coming against a wall with ssh between Crunch and Two-Face. Gives an unknown identity error. I’ll work on it and report back 🙂


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