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I, like many people, access my servers, and in fact, almost every other computer in my house, through SSH. I’ve previously set up the correct port forwarding to port 22, and installed and configured ddclient on my server, in order to be able to SSH into it from a web address. One thing I forgot […]

I was just browsing through the Ubuntu Forums, and found this post with a little line of bash, which apparently shows the number of failed logins per day. It’s a tad frightening. If it’s to be believed, 6 days ago, my little server had over 1800 failed logins >.< If anyone could shed some light on […]

I’d intended on doing a HowTo on setting up a VPN server in Ubuntu, but I’ve yet to get it working, so for now, this will do 🙂 Now, to begin. Imagine you want to port a tunnel on server (the machine you can SSH into), to your laptop, say port 5901, a VNC port. […]

Everytime I make a mistake, and end up wiping out my ssh keys, it always takes so long to get password free ssh up and running again, I’ve no idea why 😦 So, for my memory as much as anything else, heres the easiest way to do it. Start from scatch, and use to remove […]