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Here’s a handy alias I nabbed from somewhere, which restores a file accidentally deleted by a commit.     In future, just use git restore myfile.ext to restore your deleted file. Advertisements

In this how to we’re going to setup an FTP server on our CentOS machine. Now, before we begin, a word of warning. FTP is inherently insecure and may cause your server to become vulnerable to attack. Consider using FTP with SSL, or SFTP, FTP over SSH. Follow this tutorial at your own risk. Install […]

Here’s a quick and simple solution to getting a VirtualBox VM to start on boot in MS Windows. Create a new batch script with Notepad. Enter the following code, changing to include the name of your VM. Save and close your file. Now click and drag it from where you saved it, over the Start […]

This tutorial will outline how to install and configure a VNC Server on CentOS, similar to the Ubuntu VNC HowTo I did a while back. This is particularly useful on headless servers, where you or other users still want to interact with a GUI. Install the Packages To install the VNC Server, open a terminal, […]

Long time so see eh? I’d like to say that I’ve some great reason that this blog has been left so derelict over the last two years, but that’s not entirely true. I’ve gone along way, and done a lot of different things over the last two years. I started college, and am now in […]

One of the handiest features of Compiz is having multiple workspaces, anywhere from 2 to 1024 (for the extreme multi-tasker). By default, you can switch through workspaces by using Control + Alt + Left/Right. However I find it’s far quicker to switch workspaces by just spinning your mouse wheel. To do so (presuming you have […]



Even though I’ve not updated my blog in quite a while, a suprising number of people drop by every day. Seeing as it’s the season that it is, I just wanted to wish ye all a very Merry Christmas. Eat, drink, be merry, watch re-runs of the Titanic movie, however you celebrate, just enjoy! Thanks […]

My HowTo on fixing an EXT partition in Ubuntu is by far my most popular post, pulling in new visitors everyday. The only reason I wrote it is because it was something that happened to me now and again. But what about dual boots? What happens when your NTFS drive goes beserk, and you only […]

Seeing as I’m just rebuilding my server at the moment, I’m starting to remember a number of commands that I’ve not used in quite a while. Here’s three dead handy commands that deal with hard drives and filesystems. Seriously, how I ever forgot them, I’ll never know 🙄 The first is the simplest. It shows […]

Apologies, this is but another brief post. In the last few weeks, even though I’ve not been posting, the site seems to be getting more and more popular. As a result, it’s just rolled over 51,000 views! To everyone who visits, thank you, and I hope to see you back here soon 🙂 Don’t forget […]