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Made a little progress tonight, in that the cause of the problem has been isolated. The screen seems fine. The backlight flashes, and doesn’t display any of the typical cracked LCD colours. Yet at least. The VGA port works fine. However, “booting” to Vista on an external screen gives pure blackness. I get to see […]

I do love projects. Today, my path happened to cross this Toshiba Satellite Pro L300. Externally, it’s perfect, not a single scratch, crack or even wear mark. Which is amazing, when you learn that it’s taken a trip down a staircase. The screen however, is dead. The backlight lights, but nothing shows up on the display, not […]



Over the summer, I dropped a laptop. Well, really, it just slide off my lap, and before I knew it, smacked the floor. In it’s side was a USB drive, and Murphy’s Law dictates that it would have to fall on it. The flash drive seemed to absorb the shock, and the laptop was fine. […]