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My HowTo on fixing an EXT partition in Ubuntu is by far my most popular post, pulling in new visitors everyday. The only reason I wrote it is because it was something that happened to me now and again. But what about dual boots? What happens when your NTFS drive goes beserk, and you only […]

Seeing as I’m just rebuilding my server at the moment, I’m starting to remember a number of commands that I’ve not used in quite a while. Here’s three dead handy commands that deal with hard drives and filesystems. Seriously, how I ever forgot them, I’ll never know 🙄 The first is the simplest. It shows […]

Just a quick note lest I need it again later. It’s possible to change the framebuffer (think of it as console resolution) in Debian and probably Ubuntu, by modifying GRUB’s default settings. In your favourite editor, open up /etc/grub.d/00_header Navigate down to line 126. You should see something like this, Add the following line ” set […]

Squeeze Me


A screenshot that’s practically squeezable 😉 In case the terrible word plays were lost on you, that is indeed Debian Squeeze. You see, I have a bit of a prediciment. System64 has been using the same install of Ubuntu 9.10 for I don’t even know how long. At least 9 months, perhaps even a year. […]