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One of the handiest features of Compiz is having multiple workspaces, anywhere from 2 to 1024 (for the extreme multi-tasker). By default, you can switch through workspaces by using Control + Alt + Left/Right. However I find it’s far quicker to switch workspaces by just spinning your mouse wheel. To do so (presuming you have […]

My HowTo on fixing an EXT partition in Ubuntu is by far my most popular post, pulling in new visitors everyday. The only reason I wrote it is because it was something that happened to me now and again. But what about dual boots? What happens when your NTFS drive goes beserk, and you only […]

I’d intended on doing a HowTo on setting up a VPN server in Ubuntu, but I’ve yet to get it working, so for now, this will do 🙂 Now, to begin. Imagine you want to port a tunnel on server (the machine you can SSH into), to your laptop, say port 5901, a VNC port. […]

Squeeze Me


A screenshot that’s practically squeezable 😉 In case the terrible word plays were lost on you, that is indeed Debian Squeeze. You see, I have a bit of a prediciment. System64 has been using the same install of Ubuntu 9.10 for I don’t even know how long. At least 9 months, perhaps even a year. […]

I’ve been promising this HowTo for a while, so here it finally is 🙄 Apt-Cacher-NG is an apt proxy. It caches the packages you download locally each time you update your system. Why bother you might ask? Well, if you have multiple computers using the proxy, you save on bandwidth by not having to download […]

I recently got an Xbox 360, not a new 360 S, but the older 360. The ones that tend to cook themselves after a period of time 🙄 Well anyway, over the holidays, I had wanted to take a motherboard I had lying around, a PCI graphics card, a cheap network adapter, shove it all […]

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron was my first Ubuntu distro. It holds a special place in my heart, as being the place where everything pretty much started off (I has used DSL before Ubuntu, but not to great success). It felt fitting therefore, to take a stroll down memory lane, before Hardy’s support is dropped (April 2011 and […]

I’m rather enjoying my distro hopping session. So far I’ve gone from Windows, to Ubuntu, to Archbang and LUbuntu. While getting familiar with the Crunchbang Linux forums, I found a rather nice looking distro. No, it wasn’t Crunchbang (though that will be on the distro hop list), but rather, Madbox, a distro I’d never heard […]

Last night I ditched Archbang, and, after messing around with a few boot CDs I have lying around, Tecra is back up and running. Recognise it? It’s LUbuntu 10.10. It’s a name that crops up fairly often when “Lighweight” and “Ubuntu” are mentioned in the same sentence (before you say it, yes the “L” stands […]

In this howto, I’m going to run through how to install Ubuntu Server (10.10 Maverick Meerkat) and set it up as an Encoding Server, controlled via VNC and SSH. Obviously, encoding performance will depend greatly on your hardware. For this setup, I’ll be using an Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz with 256Mb of RAM. This is on […]